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Recommended specs for our trail programs:
EcoTrail lake race Power Trail
We carry the Dalton 6wl for the trail programs and recommend STM supertips for racing
pre configured with 90-91grams. With the stock spring this setting will work for all three programs since we designed the programs to run great within a WIDE range of RPMs. Sustained RPM will vary between programs.

You can adjust the weights to reach the target of 8200rpm sustained on the 91 Power Trail map
Recommended specs for our race fuel program
Supertips clutch weights with extra tungsten

On C16 or Q16 race fuel ONLY, aim for 7500RPM for max power. 114 Grams on Supertips gives 7700rpm.

Head studs recommended for headgasket durability

We recommend 91 octane minimum and 93-94 for maximum power up to 270HP
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