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Enjoy up to 4 programs at the same time switchable in real time. Turbo Dynamics offers the most complete ECU reflash available with advanced safety features not seen on any other tuning upgrades.
Our exclusive TD knock light warns the user of a bad batch of fuel or when one is pushing the machine too close to the limit. Our Boost adjust feature protects even further by backing out boost if the ECU detects knock
250-260HP 91oct PowerTrail
300-320HP C16 or Q16 race fuel
230- 250HP 91oct lake race
210-220HP 87-91oct Eco Trail
175HP Stock Z1
4 Stage
649$ can
3 Stage with Antilag
best for drag racing
2009-2015 1100 turbo TD ECU reprogram (F, XF, ZR 1100T)
Click here for 270HP pump gas videos during testing on the trail
More information about ECU reflash
Up to 315HP with methanol kit
Knock Light OFF
Knock Light ON
Turbo Dynamics ECU reflash has been dominant since they were released in the TSR snow racing championship.
TD antilag and TD ECU tuning reliability and power are winning combinations
Three types of reflash listed below:
Each program come with our exclusive knock warning light
For detailled ECU stage descriptions click here
Install instructions click here
TD 3 stage with Antilag 1100 turbo
TD equipped Priceless built Z1 turbo for Hill Climb
TD products will put a smile to your face
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265--280HP 91oct Max 94